S&P Top is in Place 31st – Aug – 2020

S&P Top is in Place 31st – Aug – 2020

As per Gann study S&P top is in place- Exit Portfolio

S&P Gann top of the channel is a place to profit from long positions.

Regular savings and government incentives abound in markets to strengthen sentiment and combat economic keel over in the coronavirus pandemic.

market sentiment, Call Ratios, instability, and several years of a short stint at the S&P created a perfect storm to blow up and back down.

Investors can read charts all they want, spend many hours analyzing the latest news,

And keeping track of all economic indicators. But at the end of the day,

This could be a futile attempt on any S&P analysis because we just don’t know what will happen next.

But, Our technical analysis throws in the conclusion that S&P top is in place showing Exit Portfolio.

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