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Feroz Khan is a professional Gann & Waves Research Analyst. He has 23+ years of Trading Experience. He learned about Gann & Waves when he was in the US and studied it to suit the Indian Markets. WDGann, Elliottwave, NeoWave And Wolfewave trades in dow jones, sensex, bse sensex , nse india , bank nifty share price , nifty share price , sbi share price

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The motive of Gann&Waves is to induce faith in traders as everyone could win. Teach discipline methods along with technicals and make traders independent in life. We teach trading techniques using WD Gann & Elliot Waves theories.


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Understanding the market is crucial if you are into trading. But predicting the stock market can be a real task! But why worry, we have the perfect solution for you!

If you are interested in investment, then start with a proven strategy for investment by learning from the proven expert of Gann, Elliott Waves and NEoWave and Wolfewave, Mr. Feroz Khan.

This website is the brainchild of Mr. Khan, through which he aims to share his vast knowledge about investment with one and all.

Mr. Khan has been trading since 1997 and has made himself a master of the trade. He unearthed the secrets of the gems by W.D Gann and Elliot Wave during his stay in California.

In the year 2011, the Indian Government put certain restrictions on trading in the forex. It was at that time that Mr. Khan shifted his focus to the Indian Stock Market. He has successfully practiced and applied the Gann and Elliot wave techniques in the Indian Stock Market.

Mr. Khan is a financial stalwart and the right mentor if you want to learn the application of Gann and Wave Theory to any form of trading, ranging from commodities, stocks, equity, derivatives, or even currencies.

At Gann and Waves, our focus is solely on maximizing your profit through our knowledge and expertise. Our prime motive is to induce a belief in all traders that ‘everyone can win’ and learn Skills and Discipline

We provide a platform to all traders, novice or experts to connect and collaborate through our portal. We also provide 24/7 text support to all our exclusive members for any queries.

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