NEo Wave Course

Do you wish to become an expert trader? Now you can become a pro in NEo Wave trading.


    NEo Wave

    No guesses, no baseless predictions, and no flukes! We use scientific methods to teach efficient trading through our NEo Wave professional course that focus on technical analysis and knowledge.

    One such advanced technical way to learn the minute details related to trading is through NEo Wave course.

    Learning about Neo Wave can help you take timely and smart decisions while trading. The course provided by GannandWaves is straightforward and easy to understand.

    Who can take this NEo Wave course ?

    • Short Term and Long-Term Traders
    • Brokers
    • Intraday and Swing Traders
    • Professional Money Managers
    • Any trader looking for advanced knowledge of technical indicators
    • Anyone who wants to improve the accuracy of their trades by a significant margin

    Why should you take the NEo Wave course?

    • Your market predictions will become more precise
    • Forecasting will become more comfortable for you
    • You will become a better trader and can advise others with confidence.
    NEo wave
    NEo Wave
    NEo Wave

    Why choose the Neo Wave Technical Analysis?

    • It has an exact level of detail and specificity since it is a scientific approach to trading.
    • You don’t have to spend a lot of time analyzing the markets with NEo Wave course.
    • It has efficient recommendations for every trading aspect like equities, commodities, cryptocurrencies, currencies, and even fixed income.
    • It will help you design a clear trade plan in advance.

    It also allows you to manage the risk factor associated with trading.

    What’s so different about Neo Wave when compared to Elliott Wave Theory?

    Elliott wave theory is based on intuition, whereas Neo Wave relies on a logical and scientific approach. This is a proven technique that can improve your forecasting success ratio.

    Neo Wave is known to expand its concepts on the basis of Elliott Wave Theory principles.

    Features of the GannAndWaves Neo Wave Technology Course

    • Practical Teaching using Live Charts and numbers.
    • You will get concise and easy to follow EXPERT advice.
    • Get insights about Market Psychology and understand the Trading Psychology
    • Access to live videos and recorded sessions for members
    • Regular mock tests based on module & chapters
    • Access to private group of GannAndWaves on Telegram.
    • Well explained technical analysis of the financial markets & risk analysis.
    • We take real-life trading examples to teach you the practical application of all the concepts.
    NEo Wave Course
    NEo Wave

    Why Should you take the Neo Wave Theory Course of GannAndWaves?

    • GannandWaves has designed this particular course according to your requirements. This course will teach you how to come up with a detailed analysis of the market movements and how to apply it tactfully to your trades.
    • Our course is one of the most professional and versatile training programs in Technical Analysis for trading in Equity, commodities, cryptocurrencies and currency markets.
    • It will teach you a Step by Step Detailed & Logical Assessment of the Market Structure.
    • Accurate forecasting and trading will become a piece of cake for you with the utilization of this technique.
    • You will learn to analyze the market like professional Money Managers.
    • Carry out Intra Day Trading and Swing Trading with an accurate analysis.
    • Develop the skill of prediction of the market movements like Stocks, Forex, and Commodities
    • Develop your knowledge about trend direction, price magnitude, complexity of market and risk control.
    • Low risk and high-profit trades will easily catch your attention.

    NEo Wave Course - Module

    Given below are a few details about the Neo Wave Theory Course.

    The modules which will be covered are as follows

    1. Discussion about Trading
    2. Basics of the Neo Wave
    3. Neo wave Theory (Advanced)
    4. Newly emerged patterns in Neo Wave
    5. Trade using Neo Wave

    Each module is further divided into several chapters to cover the topic in detail.

    Exclusive Benefits of the Neo Wave Online Training with GannandWaves

    • Individual One to One Training
    • Once a week – 12 sessions (over three months)
    • Free Membership for three months in the premium group
    • Learn Intraday and Positional Trades using the Neo Wave Study.
    NEoWave Course
    NEoWave Course

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