Student Testimonials

Met Feroz Khan Sir at a seminar in Aug 2019. He was an attendee like me and we got to be chatting, during this talk I realized he is no ordinary person – he appeared to be more knowledgeable and capable of explaining his points than the seminar conductor. During my talk with him I was convinced he should conduct a seminar of his own as his ideas were totally different (and of course easier to follow) from what was being taught at the seminar yet the end results were pointing in the same direction. I kept in touch with him over the next few months and convinced him to take the decision to teach his methods of market analysis. I am glad he accepted and conducted his first seminar/class in Mumbai of which I was one of the 14 students. It was an amazing experience learning simple and powerful concepts of how markets work and being able to time almost to perfection trend change, price levels and turning points. Imagine you are able to predict what to expect in the market in the next few days and even months ahead. Take for example he had warned us in Dec to be careful in Feb/Mar – who could have ever imagined market would fall 30-40% and the country would be in lockdown mode.
Mr. Sham Bharwani
W.D. Gann Course
I am active in the stock Market since last 15 Years. Tried to Learn Elliott Wave and Neo Wave from Many well known Elliotticians, Spend Lakhs of Rupees doing Mentorships and Webinars, But Cannot identify the Wave Patterns by Self, But Firoz Sir Taught me the Reeeal way to Identify EWs and Patterns, The way Firoz Sir taught how to Identify Opportunities in the Market is Really Amazing. Thanks Firoz Sir for giving me the New Begining and New Approach of Wealth Creation. His Predictions With EW and Neo Wave are Awesome such that he can Predict the Market much ahead and the Targets are Perfect. Firoz Sir teaches till you fully Understands it and i am damm sure you definately find the Wave Patterns after his Courses that one cannot find till now. Still much to Learn from Him
Dr. Pankaj Rane
Elliott Wave Course, Wolfe Wave Course, NEoWave Course, WD Gann Course, Module 2
I am in stock market for last 10 year and trying many stuff to make money but every time ended in loss over all, after interaction with sir last year about Gann study and after doing the course it change my vision of looking at stock market. It so simple that any novel person can make money in stock market after doing the course. In one line I will say all indicators are failing again this study. Note: Discipline, Commitment and homework always Imp,Mark my words No one can stop u from making money in Stock Market
Mr. Vikas Sakpal
W.D. Gann Course, Elliott Wave Course, Wolfe Wave Course
Hi, I am Dr Ganesh Jadhav working as Private Practitioner in Pune .Feroz sir a good friend of mine . I was always fascinated with the idea of making money by trading in stocks. I am learning Gann concept workshop held in mumbai about Stock market and trading in Stocks from Feroz sir , he has great knowledge and experience in Stock trading. I have started trading in stocks, index , commodity taking his training and using the analysis concepts taught by him . He makes it very easy to understand difficult concepts and also how to make use of those for our Profit. I am really thankful to feroz sir for realising me that money making from stock market is not big deal.
Dr. Ganesh Jadhav
W.D. Gann Course
Its my honor to write a testimonial for Mr.Feroz Khan who is a mentor for not only me but many others. Feroz sir with his immense knowledge and faith in GANN has shown us miracles happening in Indian stock market by showing genuine examples during the course. Listening to him expressing His faith in Gann makes us believe in Gann too .His manner of explaining and teaching a particular topic is so comprehensive and quiet practical too. He is such a patient teacher and has explained me anything and everything related to the stock market. I have learnt quiet a lot from my conversations with Feroz sir. He is always there for people who work hard and are inquisitive. Thank you Feroz sir for sharing with us the hidden treasure which you have discovered. Please keeping teaching us and inspiring us and motivating us to have faith in Gann always.
Dr. Jinita Umarvanshi
Elliott Wave Course, Wolfe Wave Course, WD Gann Course
Elliott wave is that part of the technical analysis which you must know to become a perfect trader as well as investor. But it is also important that from whom you are getting perfect knowledge. Firoz sir is the person who will take you to your goal of becoming perfect trader. Please don’t miss the opportunity of getting knowledge about Elliott wave, Gann wave and neo wave from Firoz sir. Without which you won’t be a good trader. 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Dr. Vikram Jagtap
Elliott Wave Course
"So I was fortunate enough to come across his gann course. You don't find genuine teachers for gann. His lecture is superb and honestly you get a lot of new methods for the price you pay. This is nothing like you have learnt before and after backtesting , I earned back my fees in 2 trading days. More than anything his support post the class and during is not like any other teacher I have seen . If you have a doubt , he is so passionate about the markets that he has called me at 2 Am in the morning to solve it . I highly recommend this course to anyone who really wants to learn something new and effective in the market. "
Mr. Aniket Bhatia
W.D. Gann Course, Elliott Wave Course
I am an house wife with no background of Stock Market, but after some interaction with Sir about Stock Market, it was so simple to read the market without any other major study. After doing the course, it was so simple to read market moves at any time before, after as well as in live market and trade with your setups without any disturbs in your household works. Note: Need Dedication to do homework before doing any trade.
Miss. Vaidehi
W.D. Gann Course
Excellent course on Elliott Wave. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to learn Elliott Wave or learn to trade for a living. In-depth analysis and live examples with charts help understand the theory better. Firoz Sir is very knowledgeable and ever so helpful about the subject and imparts his teachings skillfully. After having done numerous paid courses/seminars on stockmarket, this has been byfar the best and genuine course which has actually helped in getting to know the market better.
Mr. Akshay Jadhav
Elliott Wave Course
I think Feroz Sir’s workshop on Gann theory was most helpful for those who are trading on stockmarket regularly and want to create wealth peacefully and without stress. My sincere thanks to Sir for educating us which I think is unique in nature and not available in any other one’s training program
Mr. Madhav Gidwani
Elliott Wave Course, Wolfe Wave Course, NEoWave Course, WD Gann Course, Module 2
Absolutely wonderful course by Feroz sir , extremely well researched. Outstanding teaching methods, one of the most helpful and patient instructor I’v ever come across. His methods are far beyond indicators and price action methods. It’s possible to pinpoint top and bottom of big big moves in any stock market. This has handsdown got to be the best elliot wave course out there. Many people will teach you useless strategies, but this course will teach us how the market works. Here stops the search for holygrail of new new strategies in the stockmarket. He can be considered the best analyst in first 5 out of the whole world after seeing 99.99% accuracy of finding top and bottom of market consistently well in advance like years before. 🎖🎖🎖👏👏👏
Mr. Suryakant Jadhav
W.D. Gann Course, Elliott Wave Course
There is a lot of rumour and mystery that revolves around the Indian market about Gann’s work, his methodologies, and strategies. Mr. Khan who has dedicatedly invested a lot of his time to simplify this gives you a few simple rules to work with. What stands apart : He regularly answers my calls till date to answer confusions and views. 2. He is looking for serious students he can share his learning’s with. I recently just got an invite to learn level 2. 3. Stock market homework is hard which most never do. Making money here is as hard as making money in any other field.Add this : but he shall teach you how to only select a list and continuously work with them. 4. New discipline was nurtured in me to not continuously hit trades. This review is genuine, hence I’ve decided to share my name and email id, you can contact me if you want more reviews about Mr. Khan. Give it a try you will go home happy.
Mr. Gaurav
W.D. Gann Course
Hi friends this is honest feedback pls read it till the end. If you are searching for the right mentor he is the one no doubt about it. I hope you will stop finding other mentors. I attend Feroz sir training for 3months I improved my trading skills a lot. I wasted almost 3 years of time finding a better mentor I spent a lot of money but no use friends. I hope you too tried a lot of things like me to learn about the market pls stop finding some other mentor. Feroz sir is an outstanding mentor maybe you can't find anywhere like him. After learning things from him I am trading on my own analysis and I believe strongly whatever the fees that you are going to pay him really doesn't matter he will give 10 times of content for that price. I strongly believe him because I have seen his success rate is very high. I strongly recommend Feroz sir rather than any other mentor. I want to give 10 stars rating but limit is only 5 stars.
Mr. Chandrasekhar Kalupudi
Elliott Wave Course, Wolfe Wave Course
Feroz Khan sir...When I first contacted him for learning Gann, he kind of took my interview and told me what exactly I needed to study and where I was facing challenges. That was start of my journey. Instead of just talking about Gann and theory around that, he started with something called wolfie wave which I had never heard before. I was like fine lets see how this turns up. From then onwards this has been an enriching and fruitful journey. I can confidently say that my outlook towards market and trading has changed drastically. This man has knowledge, patience and human angle. He guides you, coaches you, mentors you becomes your friend. He doesnt only teach you to make money, he stops you from making mistakes. I havent seen any other teacher in this field who is available for you at 11 PM to discuss, debate and clear your doubts. He makes you independent and doesnt give you calls. If you really want to learn the art of trading, this is the place.
Mr. Milind Gulavani
Elliott Wave Course, Wolfe Wave Course, NEoWave Course, WD Gann Course, Module 2
Feroz sir is an amazing teacher. I have understood and applied the Elliottwave methods perfectly. And the support he provides is top notch always answer my questions
Mr. Ayush Khurana
Elliott Wave Course, Wolfe Wave Course, NEoWave Course, WD Gann Course, Module 2
It was my immense luck and fortune to be a part of GannAndWaves where I learn to grow in the stock market. The entire learning no stone unturned to shape one stock market future. My three months at GannAndWaves have been a wonderful experience of learning with profit and exposure to the Stock market, forex, and commodities market outside. Huge respect, love, and devotion for MR. Feroz Khan. It's his efforts thankyou sir
Mr. Piyush Gaba
Elliott Wave Course, Wolfe Wave Course, NEoWave Course, WD Gann Course, Module 2
A Gifted mentor... From our very first Conversation and all through the mentoring period, Mr Feroz made me feel at ease. Mr Feroz carries a depth knowledge about the stock and Commodity Market which helped me to understand the otherside of the stock market.... Mr Feroz showed interest not just in teaching Technical Analysis but also in other areas and in me as a person. Mr Feroz helped me develop other attributes particularly how to be positive and confident about our trades... He always been calm and extended reassurance.... Thanks a Lot Mr. Feroz, Stay Blessed..
Mr. Ganesh Iyer
Elliott Wave Course, Wolfe Wave Course, NEoWave Course, WD Gann Course, Module 2
When I introduced to Feroz sir, he helped me in right direction and approach towards the learning of the course. Sir's teaching is simple and concepts on Elliott Wave and price patterns is clear, accurate, practical and to the point. His rules are simple and easy to trade the market's with confident. His support towards the students is awsome. I was lucky enough to have worked with Feroz sir as my mentor and after joining GannAndWaves, stopped looking at the other courses and mentors.Thank you sir for giving us the right knowledge.
Mr. Girish Kumar
Elliott Wave Course, Wolfe Wave Course, NEoWave Course, WD Gann Course, Module 2
Mr. Montu Kothari
Elliott Wave Course, Wolfe Wave Course, NEoWave Course, WD Gann Course, Module 2
Elliott Study is not speculation but pure art, I came in contact with Mr Feroz through online medium and I am very happy to have him my mentor. He gave me a different perspective altogether and a 360 degree churn to my thoughts. What we see market is something which everyone does, his knowledge is superior and way of looking is just like sniper. I am in the markets and I do teach students also but I do recommend his course as well and I have no qualms in saying that. Timing is Everything…. Totally agree. Thanks Feroz Bhai..
Mr. Siddharth Jain
Elliott Wave Course, Wolfe Wave Course, NEoWave Course, WD Gann Course, Module 2
Dear Feroz Sir Thanks a ton to you for your efforts. You are a great Mentor and a very humble person. Your way of teaching by keeping things simple and logical is very effective. Your passion for teaching is very commendable. The sessions were simply great, crisp and clear with in depth insight about the Wolfe Waves. I can surely say that Feroz Sir is the Master of Waves. I can say for myself that Sir has surely turn me into an independent trader. Because of Sir now I am able to take trades with conviction. It has been a great learning and trading journey for me. Looking forward to learn Elliot and Neo Waves along with Gann Study as well from you Sir. Thanks a lot once again.
Mr. Jasmeet Arora
Wolfe Wave Course
Sir i would like to thank you for your precise way of teaching as your study shows the accurate result of what you predict....sir you really have the deep knowledge of the market...whatever you teach,you teach with full always give your full time till we understand the full concept as you always reply to each doubt and give detail explaination of each doubt...i still remember one day you solve my doubt at 1:00am in night even that time you taught me with full patience which shows your quality of being a great teacher as you are more keen to teach us then we are interested to learn...i have read one review of your old student who said you are God of Stock Market but after learning from you i can firmly says she was right to say this...there is no doubt that you are the best teacher of the stock market in the not only give market lessons but you also give life lessons as well as you taught to be disciplined not only in market but in all fields..i really thank you for sharing your knowledge,for giving your precious time,for your teaching and for your patience.
Mr. Vishal Kothari
Elliott Wave Course, Wolfe Wave Course, NEoWave Course, WD Gann Course, Module 2
Right knowledge and correct Strategies is what you get after joining Mr.Feroz Khan(sir) In a world full of bluffers and Self proclaimed supergurus who are actually good for nothing. Feroz sir is a Legend because of his knowledge he carries. And helps you Solve the puzzled world of Stock markets with absolute Ease. Even before i joined his classes we knew each other. when we met in a seminar in mumbai. And the way he proved me the strategies i used to use previously are disastrous and will not help me make any money. was amazing. and remember he will personally listen to your each and every chart and question and advise you everytime with same commitment and conviction. Remember my words. when you join Sir. You are in a different league of Winners......👍
Mr. Sanjay B Singh
W.D. Gann Course
Firoz Sir, name itself says many things. Meaning of Firoz is Victory, Success. And, he conquer Elliot Wave matrix as his name suggests. Aptly mentoring, Imbibe culture and keep inclination alive of students to go in-depth which is biggest asset. Anytime one can text or call Firozji and expect reply within reasonable time with details explaination. Besides, gives other subjects knowledge also specially on Gann, Neo Wave, Wolfe Wave during learning process. Gud Luck to him for good health, wealth, prosperity and key ingredient happiness. 🙏🏻👍
Mr. Mithul Gandhi
Elliott Wave Course, Wolfe Wave Course
If you really want to make money, this is the place. Simply following what you taught with some dedication definitely returned my money that I invested for the course. Can’t wait to take the module 2 Sir Thanks for the technique sir. Especially the triangle. I understood the value of it only after seeing lots of people suggesting wrong breakouts and I am able to identify the right ones. This is the greatest take away for me in this course. Have to meditate upon it.
Mr. Dhanush Kumar
Elliott Wave Course
I found Ferozji very genuine person. I got his reference through google surfing as initially I wanted to learn Gaan study. But he guided me that before Gaan, Elliott wave study is important. In our one to one classes he clears all your doubts and explains different trade set ups very simply. His methods are very effective for all kind of traders. He clears your belief that market is behavioral and guides you as to how to look it scientifically. This he proves through set ups which provide very accurate results. Thanks Ferozji for your guidance and having me different view towards market. Thanks.
Mr. Kumar Shah
Elliott Wave Course