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If you have a keen interest in stock markets, forex, commodities, and cryptocurrencies, you have come to the right place. Elliott Wave Course


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    Why should you take the Elliott Wave Course?

    • You will learn to look at the markets and analyze them like professional traders or Hedge Fund and Mutual Fund managers.
    • Go ahead with Intra Day Trading and Swing Trading with a lot of practical confidence.
    • You will gain insight into the prediction of the market movements like Stocks, Forex, and Commodities
    • Will learn to identify the low risk and high-profit trades by using the analysis Elliott wave course
    • learn the behavior of the market in Elliott Wave within a triangular pattern
    • Know about the 3 Elliott Wave Rules, which cannot be broken even if the market has a zigzag trend.
    • You can practically use the Fibonacci levels for taking trades and also place stop-loss orders.
    • chart patterns. technical analysis of the financial markets. technical analysis of stock trends.

    Why is the Elliott Wave Important?

    Learn Elliott Wave course about market prediction and analysis through our courses specially tailored for you.

    Ralph Nelson Elliott developed the Elliott Wave Theory. It is one of the most advanced methods of identifying Market Reversals. Our course will highlight the application of the elliott wave principle to make informed and well-researched market decisions applying elliott wave forecast. There are various patterns observed as a part of this theory, whose application can help you predict the market with elliott wave analysis. Elliott wave course for elliott wave trading and technical analysis


    Main Objective

    • Identification of patterns that are related to the Elliott Wave course.
    • important identification of turning points with relation to the Financial Markets
    • Ability to perform technical analysis based on the Elliott Wave Trading principles.
    • Make effective decisions regarding investment, Intraday Trading, or Swing Trading.
    • Application of Elliott Wave Theory in the short term as well as long term investment plans.
    • Fibonacci Ratios and Channeling Application to gather a more substantial financial analysis.

    Why is the Elliott Wave Important?

    • Short Term and Long-Term Investors
    • Intraday and Swing Traders
    • Any trader looking for advanced knowledge of technical indicators
    • Traders wanting to adopt a way to predict the price action movements and swings
    • Anyone who wants to improve the accuracy of their trades by a significant margin


    • ElliottWave Practical Teaching using Live Charts and numbers.
    • More focused on examples and real-life cases
    • Get insights about Market Psychology.
    • Access to live videos and recorded sessions
    • Regular mock tests based on chapters
    • Supplementary Study materials
    • We have a qualified team of experts who consult you about the Elliott Wave entry points to a superior risk management reward ratio.
    • Easily explained technical analysis of the financial markets


    • Rules & Guidelines of Elliott Wave Theory
    • The characteristics, wave patterns & Structures, Wave Charts
    • Fibonacci Relationships
    • Ways to combine the wave with patterns of the chart and the retracement levels.
    • Forecast price with magic numbers

    Exclusive Benefits

    • Individual One to One Training
    • Once a week – 12 sessions (over 3 months)
    • Free Membership for 3 months in the premium group
    • Learn Intraday and Positional Trades using Elliott Wave Course.

    Who should take this course?

    • Anyone who wants to learn about Elliott Wave Trading
    • Anyone who has any interest in trading and wants to become an advanced trader.
    • It helps conclude the wave 2 and wave 4 well in advance.
    • Any Reversal areas can be identified and measured in advance. technical analysis
    • It helps to understand the usage of Fibonacci Models for the correction and extended moves
    • It is one of the most advanced concepts that deal with mass psychology concerning the markets. chart patterns.

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