Covid19 Pandemic Prediction by Gann And Waves Study finally – Wins

Covid19 Pandemic Prediction by Gann And Waves Study finally – Wins


Even after two years, When will Covid19 end?

It is still a question that many people want to be answered. Covid-19 has taken the lives of millions of people. Along with people, Businesses and Economies have also suffered a lot due to this Pandemic.

As per numerous sources, the epidemic is here to stay either in a mild state. And the similar suggestion has been made by WHO. WHO experts are still in a dilemma regarding the ending of Covid-19. They are debating how and when to declare an end to the worldwide Covid-19.

But recently, USA president Joe Biden said Covid-19 is over in the USA. This is indeed a piece of good news for the whole world.

However, many people speculate that covid 19 will end in the summer of 2020, or It will be finished at the start of 2021, but it did not happen.

On one side, the people’s predictions were going wrong; on the other hand, the prediction of Gann and Waves was on the verge of being proved correct. And this also happened.

Yes. In today’s date, i.e., in September 2022, Joe Biden has announced that to end Corona. Gann and Waves had made this prediction in March 2020 itself that Corona will start taking goodbye from the world in September 2022. And see, it has been the same.

Based on Gann and Waves‘s study, we presented in March 2020 that Covid will be on the verge of ending in September 2022.

After this, we again came out on the base of the Gann study in March 2021 that Corona will end in September 2022. Here is the link

When the whole world was forecasting in its ways that Corona would end in summer, or will never end, or many more variants are coming, which will prove to be serious. At the same time, this outpost came out of the Gann and Waves study that this Pandemic is likely to end in September 2022. And today, September 2022, is going on, and Joe Biden‘s statement is in front of you.

The way you know, Gann and Waves Study is a popular analysis or tool to find out the ups and downs of the stock market. But according to the manner in which the analysis of Covid 19 has come out of this study, there will be a big boom in Gann and Waves Study in the coming time.

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