Nifty Gann Dates 2023

Nifty Gann Dates 2023

Nifty Gann Dates 2023

Nifty Gann Date 2023

Nifty Gann Date 2023 Do you agree that it’s difficult to know what will happen in the future? But what if I told you that the future could be anticipated in the stock market? How would you react to it?

You read it correctly if you can correctly forecast what will happen in the stock market, you will make an incredible amount of money. You cannot imagine how much money you may make.

And studies using the Gann method have shown that this assertion is correct.

Gann’s analysis of market behavior was founded on the following three grounds:

  • There are only three elements to take into consideration, and they are price, time, and range.
  • Because of this, market activity tends to follow cycles.
  • Both in their structure and their operation, the markets follow geometric patterns.
  • Gann’s methodologies for prediction were based on these three principles and centered on the following three primary areas of prediction
  • Price Study: It includes an analysis of prices using support and resistance lines, pivot points, and angles.
  • Time Study: Studying the passage of time involves looking at dates that have occurred repeatedly throughout history and deriving these dates via both natural and societal processes.
  • Pattern Study: Pattern analysis is a method that examines the ups and downs of the market by analyzing trend lines and reversal patterns.

WD Nifty Gann Dates 2023

WD Gann discovered TimeCycle , via his methodologies, that there are particular days on which the trend in the stock market shifts. Based on his studies or the outcomes, he concluded that these are the days when the sun will be at an angle of either 15 degrees or 90 degrees with the earth. He believed these positions to be of the utmost significance, and a market shift occurs these days. If you go through the Gann studies or Gann theories, you will find that Gann’s dates are accurate to the minute, and there are other occasions when they are off by one or two days.

It’s all about the Gann Study that he’s done, which required a lot of effort.

He selected key turning moments in the financial markets by using geometrical divisions. Days like 45, 90, 135, 180, 225, 270, and 315 solar degrees from Vernal Degrees.

Besides, he has given the overview of Gann seasonal dates as shown below:

When using the Gann Seasonal Dates tool, you can easily see the Major and Minor dates that W.D. Gann would keep an eye on to predict trend reversals. The solstices and equinoxes are significant benchmarks

  • March 21st
  • June 22nd
  • September 23rd
  • December 22nd

Whereas, Minor seasonal dates fall exactly in the middle of major seasonal dates and are as follows

  • February 4th
  • May 6th
  • August 8th
  • November 7th

Now comes the solar dates:

There are two types of solar dates, viz. Static and Dynamic Solar dates.

Static and Dynamic Solar Dates

Static and dynamic solar dates are the two classifications of solar dates that Gann identifies. He insisted that the beginning day of the year is not January 1st but March 21st, the first date that remains the same. He said that this was a very significant time of year as well.

How to Get Static Days?

  • The average number of days in a year is 365. 256.
  • Divide it by 360.
  • The answer is 1.0146. Thus, one degree is equal to 1.0146 days.
  • Static degrees include 30, 45, 60, 72, 90, 120, 135, 150, 180, 210, 225, 240, 252, 270, 288, 300, 315, 330, and 360 degrees. These are the degrees to which the market will most likely undergo a significant shift.
  • Now that you know how many days there are in a month, you can divide that number by 1.0146 to get the date. For example, the result of multiplying 30 by 1.0146 to get 30.438 is March 21st plus degree, which equals April 20th.

How to Get Dynamic Days?

The calculation for the static dates begins on March 21st. to compute the dynamic dates, you must first evaluate a date where a top or bottom was produced and proceed appropriately.

A Tip For Traders For 2023’s Market

You need to keep an eye on the days. On days like this, or even a day or two before or after the static solar day, you need to stay on high alert and respond to the market depending on the price movement or whatever setup you typically trade with. Other Gann approaches, such as the Gann Swing and Square of 9 degrees, could produce superior results.

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