S&P 500 Elliott wave Prediction

S&P 500 Elliott wave Prediction

S&P 500 Elliott wave Prediction


The Elliott wave analysis of S&P 500

indicated the lower scenarios, and our predictions based on Elliott wave principles hit the accuracy one more time.

We closely analyse the definitive breakthrough and predicted the new direction for S&P 500.

The market was heading towards a bearish trend which indicated strong selling.

On 13 September we have highlighted and told our students some important time factors that gear up for the upcoming week.

And we have mentioned that S&P 500 is not looking good at 4459 levels and will definitely show its bearish side this week. And you can see the results clearly.

This is the power of the Elliott wave. Elliott wave analysis helps the traders by telling them how much to risk so that they can be clear on their decisions before entering into the market.

Elliot wave will let you know the levels beyond which you must not take a risk.

And if in case you take a risk, Elliott wave analysis will help you in adjusting your investment strategies and set you on a safer side.

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