Natural Gas Top is in place at $ 5.68

Natural Gas Top is in place at $ 5.68

Natural gas top - Elliott Wave

Natural Gas Top is in place at $ 5.68- Based on WD Gann and Elliott Wave Study

Natural Gas Top is done at $ 5.68

For a long time, Everyone was concern about the rising prices of Natural gas well the waiting is over,

we at GannAndWaves have declared top is in place on 15th Sep – 2021 at 7:34 pm IST CMP $5.64.

Also shared in our Telegram Channel Click Here Every trader and investor has a question, can we see a fire in natural gas prices?

Now the wait is over. The increased profit potential for traders and investors is on the way.

As per our technical analysis based on Elliott waves and WD Gann’s study,

the prices of natural gas touch the top.

These are good signs for the stock market. Our technical analysis predicts that the top of natural gas will touch at

$5.68. Investors will see a sharp rise from the current price i.e. $4.93 to $5.68. And stocks will see the higher sides

by moving in higher directions.

The prices of natural gas will be on a downtrend for the short term and it will be a great opportunity

to earn good profits by shorting it.


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