ElliottWave – Akme Star Housing Finance

ElliottWave – Akme Star Housing Finance

Elliott Wave Akme Star Housing Finance

Elliott Wave - akme star housing finance

Akme Star Housing Finance Elliott Wave  93.70 for a target of 135 sl 84.

Based on Elliott Wave, as of 14th May, 2021 is currently touching 93.70 and is all set to reach 135 by the month of October-November this year.

It is looking very bullish as per its current pattern. This pattern is analyzed and predicted on the basis of a concept of the Elliot Wave Study.

Elliot Wave based pattern and remember this is only on BSE not listed on NSE

Specifically, the Impulse pattern with the price action concept is used to arrive at this prediction.

Impulse trades are known to help traders make a good amount of profit in a comparatively short period.

This is the price action and you can set the stop loss at 84 for best results If you want to know how to predict the trends of the stock market,

the knowledge of Elliot waves is an absolute must.

To learn about Elliot waves and Gann Study, call on 7330777373 for our courses and become a part of our group for all updates.

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