Gann Date – 15th – Sep – 2020

Gann Date – 15th – Sep – 2020

Gann Date: Trend Change Date

Today’s high and low is very important for Nifty, Gold, and Silver.

William Delbert Gann is considered one of the most successful and insightful traders of all time. The forecasting methods of W.D. Gann is based on a detailed study of various subjects such as geometry, astrology, astronomy, and ancient mathematics.


Through his intensive research and study, W.D Gann found out that the market trend tends to change on certain specific dates. He discovered this method by studying the market of over 100 years in England. He understood that the market works on certain Mathematical formulae or methods.



According to Gann, on the days when Sun comes at 15 degrees or 90 degrees with the Earth, there is a change in the trend. Studies show that most of the time, these dates are always exact. However, sometimes it is 1-2 days ahead or behind. And this is how the Gann Trend Change Date came into being.


How to trade using this method:

For Example: For the Gann date of 15th September, follow this.

If the price goes higher on the 16th September compared to the high of 15th September, you must buy. But if the price is lower on 16th September than the low of 15gth September, simply sell and trail with stop loss.


Soon you will realize that buying or selling will be followed by a volume spike, which serves as a clear indication that the trend is changing.

It is vital to take note of the peculiar theories and formulae of W.D Gann if you want to succeed at trading. 


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Gann Date 15th Sep 2020

what is Gann Date ?

Gann Date 15th Sep 2020 First of all,
what is WD Gann Date, Whenever a trend has to reverse generally it will happen on Gann Dates,
WD Gann has discovered this method of studying stock markets of the last 100 plus years in England And learn about Mathematical formulas/methods in Egypt and India.
And the WD Gann came to the conclusion that the market works on certain Mathematical formulas/methods.
which is why it has been called Gann Trend Change Date.
How to trade this method, On 16th Sep if Price goes above the 15th Sep high simply buy if prices goes below the 15th Sep low simply sell and trail with stop loss.
All of a sudden you will realize buying or selling will follow with a volume spike,
It is an indication that the trend is changing.

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