About Glenn Neely, Founder of NEoWave, Inc.

About Glenn Neely, Founder of NEoWave, Inc.

About Glenn Neely, Founder of NEoWave, Inc.

Founder of NEoWave, Glenn Neely is one of the most prominent, internationally acclaimed Wave analysts, trading advisors, and money managers.

Nearly 40 years ago, when Mr. Neely first read about the Elliott Wave Principle, he was so influenced and intrigued by it that he dedicated decades to understanding R.N. Elliott’s concepts – while significantly advancing Wave forecasting by applying a more structured methodology. Today, Mr. Neely’s approach to Wave analysis – NEoWave – is the most logical, objective approach to Wave forecasting ever created.

In 1983, Mr. Neely founded the Elliott Wave Institute, which he later renamed as NEoWave, Inc. In 1988, the Elliott Wave expert self-published his first book, Elliott Waves in Motion. Upon seeing the book’s widespread popularity, he revised and expanded it. He then relaunched it in 1990 as Mastering Elliott Wave. Considered a classic “must-have” resource, this step-by-step guide presents insights to analyze market conditions objectively using Mr. Neely’s revolutionary techniques.

Mr. Neely has devoted nearly four decades to advancing the techniques of Wave forecasting and trading strategies. His primary goal has always been to help forecasters, analysts, and traders around the world benefit from his expertise and knowledge to achieve real-world results.

The NEoWave Forecasting Service follows the methodology presented in Mastering Elliott Wave and guides forecasters worldwide by helping them make more accurate predictions. This is largely due to Mr. Neely’s advanced methodology, which is backed by a detailed, precise, and logical assessment of market structure.

In addition, analysts and traders around the world have immense trust in Mr. Neely’s NEoWave Trading Service to guide their market expectations. His trading advisory service is sought after by traders seeking expert guidance to navigate uncertain markets. By applying his proven Neely River Trading technology, Mr. Neely helps traders build low-risk strategies while trading, always with an emphasis on preserving capital.

NEoWave’s Forecasting and Trading advisory services cover the S&P 500, Gold, Euro, and many other markets. Learn more at www.NEoWave.com.

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