Silver for $23

Silver for $23

Silver for $23

CMP - 15.91, target open for - 23

Silver for $23 The ongoing pandemic gave rise to economic and social turmoil.

If we talk about the market, we have seen many investors take a step towards a reliable asset – precious metals like Gold and Silver.

The spread of coronavirus has greatly increased the chances of a global economic meltdown this year, in fear of the second wave of disease-causing firearms.

People have expectations of getting the economy back on track after the closure of Covid- 19. Due to this, the demand for metals will touch the right tracks in the upcoming months.

In between these predictions and expectations, our technical analysis gave us much more clues, as per our technical analysis we have a target Silver for $23. You will see a range of $15.890 to $23.000 or more…. 

As per the reports, the release of 5G mobile networks is also in cue and should be considered. If everything happens as per the planning, the demand for silver will rise as it is used in the semiconductors of network equipment, automotive electronics, and consumer electronics, etc. 

CMP - 15.91, target open for - 23

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  1. Admin

    July 22, 2020

    Silver my $23 target dot done! from $15.890 to $23.185 Points 7295 India MCX 43587 to 60822 points 17235 per lot profit Rs.5,17,000 ( five lakh seventeen thousand.. only with the right knowledge, this is possible – #GannAndWaves #XAGUSD #silverprice #Silver #mcx #commodaties


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