Ethereum Elliott wave analysis

Ethereum Elliott wave analysis

Ethereum Elliott Wave Pattern

The cryptocurrency market is in an unpredictable mode. And when it comes the Ethereum the price predictions always attracted controversies.

But as per the Elliottwave Analysis, Ethereum is in recovery mode now. Together with the bull run of Bitcoin ( That we have already predicted based on Elliottwave analysis in our last article), Elliottwave is also on the bullish side. It is high time to generate good profits with Ethereum.

Elliottwave analysis helps traders to attain perfection.

Now after a deep Elliot wave analysis of Ethereum we have noticed that from September there was too much of a small bullish and bearish trend.

But the high it reaches is still $3170. And again after that, we can see the bearish trend.

When this crypto price reached 2823 in September we have analyzed reaching it to 3404.

According to the Elliot wave pattern, it has a target of 3404 in few days. Our technical analysis never goes wrong as we study the candlestick chart thoroughly.

Ethereum Elliott wave analysis

it will be going to reach 3404 in mere days, according to our Elliottwave analysis.

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