Nifty Bear and Bull market for – next 10 years

Nifty – Bear and Bull market for – next 10 years

No one will believe if i share this chart with them at this level. only if God wishes yes this is Inevitable ….

A big rally for 10 years..!!


We have done with the long and deep analysis of Nifty, and based in W.D. Gann‘s study, we projected a Nifty trend for the next 10 years. Although we will get to see the zigzag trend in it, the trend will rise in the future.

Young Indians are entering into the real business and it’s a good tip for investors to stay invested in the country for 10 years.

As the technical shifts are on the rise, we can see new components like nanotechnology; robotics, artificial intelligence, and other arcane environments are entering the norm. And some of the biggest and most powerful online retailers like Flipkart, Ola, and Paytm are listed and live in the Nifty area. They push the market on the rising side.

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