NIFTY weekly Major Gann Time cycle

NIFTY weekly Major Gann Time cycle

Gann time cycle The most important weekly has arrived.

We have demonstrated Nifty Gann’s predictions in our chart which is a predictive analysis tool for predicting resistance to support areas.

Prediction is all about opportunities and trade cycles are always tricky as they can disappear without a pre-screening but when they work in sync that is the state of everything !!!

An important area according to technical analysis will show the bullish trend near 11341.40 and bearish below 11026.65.


Nifty spot Bullish above 11341.40,  Bearish below 11026.65 – weekly closing

During the ups and downs, we see that prices are exceedingly high but fall back most of the time.

This is significant recognition as it helps to set the time in the market perhaps up to date. We not only use time cycles but also combine them with technical analysis using W.D. Gann studies.

This is one of the Most Important Weekly Time Cycle.

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  1. Admin

    August 3, 2020

    Nifty short from 11026.65 to 10882.25 Points 144.4‬ profit Rs. 10,830 per lot … power of Gann


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