Nifty’s wave C will commence soon and it will be very sharp – Elliot wave Study

Nifty’s wave C

Shared on 1st September to Students

If you are a trader and have invested in stocks of NIFTY , you very well know how the market has been behaving this month. The market has been very unpredictable and has seen huge dips and highs in the recent past.

Highlights of the Stock Market

·         BANKNIFTY fell with a record 4596  points from 31st August till date

·         NIFTY fell almost 904 points from 31st August till date.

·         On the 5th of September, even though S&P was at a high, it too crashed almost 370 points till date.

Several traders lost a lot of money due to this unforeseen fall of the market. Did you incur a loss too? Well, not everyone who invested faced losses. This fall was predicted much in advance by Mr.Feroz Khan sensex today.

Mr.Feroz Khan, an expert trader and the founder of GannAndWaves predicted on the 19th August that within the next 2-3 weeks, the trend of the stock market will change drastically. He also advised that it is best to exit the current portfolio in view of a drastic dip and re-enter after the month of December in 2020.

While those who followed his advice are heaving a sigh of relief, the ones who didn’t know about this prediction are regretting their decisions.

According to Mr. Khan the next three to five years can pose a complex challenge to all retail traders and investors. He foresees a lot of highs and various lows in the coming few years. In order to stay ahead of the market, it is important to understand the stock market psychology.

At GannandWaves, we teach you how the stock market works with a scientific and technical approach. Our prediction is not an arrow in the air, it is backed with a lot of analysis and technical knowledge.

Making money is really easy if you learn how the Sensex today stockmarket works. Don’t fall prey to the market’s versatile highs and lows. Plan your move in advance and take advantage of your skill! Learn the scientific and technical approach to an effective prediction of the stock market with us at GannandWaves.

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